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Pharma PH Skin

Dermaplaning Blade Removal Box

Dermaplaning Blade Removal Box

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Our Dermaplaning Blade Removal Box is designed for optimal safety and convenience. This container holds up to 100 used blades and allows for safe and easy removal from the handle, taking up significantly less space than traditional sharps containers. Get the control and peace of mind that comes with a professional-grade solution.

(Trying to extend the life of this device by trying to remove the contaminated blades from them is strongly discouraged as they are designed as a device solely for the removal of blades and not for long term sharps storage.)



How to use

Position the blade up and insert the handle into the remover until it stops. Keep pushing the button of the remover until the blade is removed. Pull the handle horizontally to remove the blade.

Skin Type



Avoid being cut by the blade.

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